Debt reporting on steroids using TABLEAU 8.2

I’ve been recently working on an idea/project after being on so many public debt management missions observing so many debt management offices struggle with low headcounts/capacity (among other things) and the ability to produce analytical debt output.

The idea is simple: using the data visualization software Tableau, debt management offices (DMOs) greatly streamline and enhance their debt reporting function, allowing them to produce web-based debt statistical bulletins and reports with minimal effort and maximum impact.

The selling points:

  • The production process of the debt report/bulletin is highly automated and streamlined, requiring no more than 30 minutes time for each update (once a month/quarter/year, depending on frequency of debt report), thus freeing up the DMOs time to do other analytical functions. That’s benefit #1 in my mind.
  • The data is sourced from a very simple and streamlined Excel file, which is then linked to the Tableau web interface. Making changes in the Excel file automatically and instantaneously reflects on the web output. No additional coding skills required once the web report template is designed.
  • The web output is fully customizable in layout and content, and integrates easily into any existing DMO/MoF webpages.
  • It is visually stunning, sleek, and modern, but most importantly, it’s “live”! Hover the mouse over different chart components to reveal additional underlying data. Click on individual components to highlight/shade/sort/filter them for easy viewing (try it using the link below). How many DMOs you know out there have “live”, interactive debt bulletins?
  • The web output can be exported into PDF bulletins with just one click, for easy archiving and distribution/printing outside the web environment.

Click on link below for a demo I’ve designed. I used fictitious data from a fictitious country. Page 1 is more descriptive of the debt portfolio (structure and evolution), page 2 is more analytical (cost and risk).

See a Prezi presentation on the Dashboard here